Kiwanis Park

east London, ON, Argyle

Avondale Road

Avondale Road, London, ON

Argyle Mall

Argyle, Mall, London, ON

Argyle is in East London, located around Dundas Street and Clarke Road.  The centre point being Argyle Mall, which like much of east London, has seen some significant changes over the last few years.  The mall is now a power centre, with no indoor common space, it is all plaza style.  

The neighbourhood consists of a primarily post war housing, from the 1940’s, and continued building into the 1970’s.  There are some recent condominium additions, and infill housing as well.  This neighbourhood is extremely affordable for first time buyers, and gives the benefit of a mature neighbourhood and a lot of smaller, more quiet streets.

Argyle at a Glance!

Satellite view of Argyle in east London Ontario.