Middlesex County Building

Downtown London

Budweiser Gardens

London, Ontario, downtown, Bud Gardens

Labatt Memorial Park

Labatt Memorial Park, London, ON, baseball

Covent Garden Market

London, ON, downtown, Covent Garden Market

Downtown Skyline

London, Ontario, downtown

The Downtown Core of London Ontario has gone through, and is seeing a considerable amount of development.  At the centre of downtown is Covent Garden Market, which has been a fixure in London since it’s humble beginning as a “public fair or mart” in 1835.  Downtown London also features one of the most popular sports and music venues in all of Canada, Budweiser Gardens.  It is home to the London Knights, London Lightning and many travelling stage productions, concerts, etc.

Downtown London is primarily apartment style living in highrise buildings, or smaller mixed retail/residential buildings.  

downtown, London, ON
Downtown London at a glance.

Satellite view of downtown London ON.

Downtown London Ontario