May 25, 2016

Dundas Street London, Past and Present

London, ON, Ldnont, Ontario, downtown, courthouse

London, Ldnont, ON, Ontario, courthouse, downtown

Sometimes you don’t notice how things around you change so dramatically, until you see them side by side.  This is the case with 80 Dundas Street London Ontario, in the downtown.  Going through some of our files, we came across some old photos of London, as it was in 1955.  More specifically, how parts of it looked for sale in the 50’s.  For those like myself that weren’t in London (or alive) in the 1950’s, it’s pretty cool to see some of the changes.

The listing on June 13, 1955 showed a list price of $37,000.  That included a main floor commercial space divided into two stores, Acoustican (which rents for $80 per month)  and Abdallah Shoe Repair, which was owner occupied.  It also had 4, three room apartments rented for $55 per month, 1, two room apartment for $45 per month and a full basement.

As it sits today (as seen from the front lawn of Museum London) is the west side of the London Court House building.  Of course some other parcels of land were purchased along with the subject property to provide enough space for it’s current use.  It’s current accessment value (not what it would sell for) is listed as $27,216,000.

We will be posting some more past and present photos in the near future, so come back to see some other changes in the City of London landscape.  If you would like to search for some current properties for sale, use our property search or if you need some assistance, you can email, call 519.860.5295 or see us on Facebook.