September 6, 2016

Military Relocation to London

London, Ontario, Brookfield Relocation Service

Recently I had the opportunity to assist with a military relocation for 2 different couples, who were really under a time crunch when it comes down to buying a home in London and St. Thomas.  Both were Canadian Military relocations, and for those who have not had to deal with this kind of situation, it can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience.  I essentially blocked off 5 days each time I was working with one of the relocating couples, and had to rely on my team to cover off everything else.  Which is a HUGE bonus when working as part of a team in real estate.

The real estate market in the London and St. Thomas area has been extremely fast moving this year, making it very difficult for some buyers to find homes during regular searches.  Now amplify that with having to get it done in 5 days, with high volume of sales, coupled with a drop of over 20% in listings, made it very competitive, and hard to preview a lot of properties and line up some potential matches, when they are selling as fast as they are being listed.  I know it was frustrating for both couples to see homes disappearing as soon as they messaged that they liked them.  In both cases, both clients were well organized, as well as mindful of time restraints and willing to see as many homes as I could line up.  The process of learning about the city they were moving to, the best locations for access to work as well as recreational activities and schools, it’s all part of what needed to be done, and part of the prep work before making the house hunting trip.  We also were able to assist with a lot of other contacts along the way for home inspectors, contractors, sports facilities, etc.

For one of the moves, it just happened to be a move for the Canadian Military, which didn’t need to be through a relocation company.  I am registered with Brookfield Global Relocation Service anyway, so it wouldn’t have mattered.  On the second move, it was all through Brookfield, so I had to make sure the paperwork was filed properly after the sale was completed.  Dealing with Brookfield is easy enough, as long as you file the paperwork in a timely manner, and correctly.

If you are involved with a potential relocation to the London Ontario area, please feel free to contact me to help assist your move be as simple and painless as possible.  You can contact me by phone, call 519.663.9411 or email