North London Ontario

North London is typically thought of as the area North of Oxford Street across London Ontario.  Some of London's most desirable neighbourhoods are found in this area, including Old North, Sunningdale, Uplands and Stoneybrook.  The University of Western Ontario, University Hospital, The Elsie Perron Estate, Ivey, Masonville Mall and Sunningdale Golf course are just some of the attractions located in North London.

Cedar Hollow
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Foxfield, Sunningdale, London, Ontario
Sunningdale/Foxfield in London Ontario.
Masonville, London, Ontario
Masonville in London Ontario.
Northridge, London, ON
Northridge in London Ontario.
Oakridge, London, ON
Oakridge in north London Ontario.
Old North, London, Ontario
Old North in London Ontario.
Stoneybrook/Uplands in London Ontario.

White Hills, London, ON
White Hills in north London Ontario.
Stoneycreek, London, ON
Stoney Creek in north London Ontario.
Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill in north London Ontario.