May 26, 2016

Regent Street London, past and present

London, ON, Ldnont, Regent

London, ON, Ldnont, Regent Street

Digging through some files in the office, we came across a stack of old listing photos from the 1950’s, and found one on Regent Street London.  For those of us that weren’t around, or those looking for a little nostalgia, it’s a pretty cool comparison to see how it looked over 60 years ago, and how it compares today.

Back on March 25th, 1955, this home was listed for $17,250.  That price included 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, full basement, venetian blinds, a 50 ft television antenna and wall to wall broadloom carpets.  The lot is 45 feet at the street, and has a depth of just under 157 feet and a single detached garage.  By all accounts, when you compare the two pictures, the home has stood up very well, and still looks pretty amazing.  A lot of people looking to purchase a home in London, can be a little wary when it comes to an older home.  This one seems to have been maintained and held up pretty well.  We will keep adding to the list of past and present comparisons in London over the next few month, keep coming back to see more.

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