Orchard Street

The Coves, Orchard Street, London, ON

The Coves in Winter

The Coves

The Coves Lookout

Coves Lookout
The Coves

The Coves is a sub-watershed area of the City of London, that consists of 3 distinct ponds, formed from an abandoned oxbow of the Thames River. You can check out Friends of The Coves website, to find out more details on the different programs and projects around the area.  

The neighbourhood surrounding The Coves, has taken it’s name directly from the ponds area.  Walking paths, forested areas and parks abound in community, as well as a mix of homes ranging in prices.  Because of the streets running towards the pond areas, many of the streets are dead ends, making for very low traffic on their streets.  There are some infill homes, although primarily they are older homes similar to Old South and Wortley Village. 

The Coves, London, Ontario, ON,
The Coves at a Glance

The Coves is a unique area of London combining nature with the community.

The Coves